2011 "Get Ready For Gordon" Workshop Resources

Workshop Session Slides and Videos, Day 1

Session 1. Dash and Gordon Architecture (Bob Sinkovits) (PDF Slides)(Video)

Session 2. Dash user environment (Mahidhar Tatineni) (PDF Slides)(Video)

Session 3. Data Transfer (Mahidhar) (PDF Slides)(Video)

Session 4. Hands on examples on use of vSMP Foundation node (Mahidhar) (PDF Slides)(Video)

Session 5. Hands on example illustrating flash performance and showing where flash excels. (PDF Slides)(Video)

View Time-stamped annotations for Day 1.

Workshop Session Slides and Videos, Day 2

Session 1. vSMP Foundation Technical Introduction (PDF Slides)(Video)

Session 2. Best-Practices for running applications under vSMP Foundation (PDF Slides)(Video)

Session 3. Developer Productivity and Profiling Tools - Real-time statistic counters (PDF Slides)(Video)

Session 4. Developer Productivity and Profiling Tools - System Profiler (PDF Slides)(Video)

Session 5. Filesystems use cases: /ramfs, /ssdfs , Data Oasis: Usage guidelines

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