Project Storage Expansion


Expansion and Policy Changes

The /oasis/projects/nsf file system is available on Gordon is a non-purged resource intended for data associated with an allocation on these systems. Project Storage is provided on a per-project basis and is available for the duration of the associated compute allocation period. Data are retained for 3 months beyond the end of the project, by which time data must be migrated elsewhere.

As of April 5, 2013, the SDSC Data Oasis project space expansion is complete and the new filesystem is available on Gordon. Important changes were implemented to the purge policies, so please read carefully below. Additional information is available in the XSEDE Data Oasis User Guide.

Important Policy Changes

  1. All Gordon users will have a default Projects Storage allocation of 500 GB per project, to be shared by all users on that project. If a project requires more space, the PI must submit a request using the Requesting Additional Project Storage process described below.
  2. The Trestles /oasis/scratch/trestles file system will not change.
  3. The Gordon /oasis/scratch/[user]/temp_project file system is now subject to a regular purge in order to maintain high levels of performance. Given the large capacity of this file system, the purge policy is very liberal, allowing users to stage large data sets required by some jobs.
  4. Gordon users are asked to identify data that need longer term storage but currently reside in the temp_project directory so they can be transitioned to the new projects space.

Requesting Additional Project Storage

Projects that require more than 500 GB of Project Storage must request additional space by sending an email to This e-mail from the project PI should provide a 500 words-or-less justification that includes:

  1. amount of storage being requested
  2. how the storage will be used
  3. how this augments other non-SDSC storage resources available to the project

Please email XSEDE Help if you have any questions.