Software and OS Upgrade


Software Stack Upgrade for Gordon

Comprehensive Application and OS Upgrade Completed August 21, 2013

We have completed the OS upgrade on Gordon and the machine is back in production. Please note that the compiler stack was part of the upgrade so codes will need to be recompiled.

Here are a few of the updated compiler and application versions:

  • intel/2013.1.117
  • gnu/4.8.1
  • pgi/13.2
  • mvapich2_ib/1.9 with limic2 0.5.6
  • openmpi_ib/1.6.5
  • R/3.0.1
  • gaussian/09.D.01

We have not kept the jobs from the old queue, given the need for recompiling and other changes made, so jobs will need to be resubmitted (existing scripts should work fine).