Gordon Events at SC11

11/10/11  -  4/20/12

Visit SDSC at SC11 in booth #1213 and join us for talks and giveaways with our partners Appro, ScaleMP, Intel, and Mellanox to discuss the Gordon system that will go into production at SDSC on January 1, 2012. SDSC director Mike Norman and associate director Allan Snavely will be on hand both to present high-level overviews of Gordon and to team up with our partners to provide in-depth coverage of the engineering and technology used to build this unique data intensive compute resource. Presentations will be made throughout the afternoon of Tuesday, November 15 and from 11:00 onward on Wednesday, November 16. Don’t miss the iPad2 raffle sponsored by Appro and Intel on Wednesday, November 16 at 4:00. Enter to win if “You have been Spotted.” Stop by the booth throughout the talks for details. Please check out the full schedule of SDSC activities.

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