Hadoop Training Session at SDSC


On Thursday, January 31, from 9-11 AM Pacific Time, the San Diego Supercomputer Center will present an introductory training workshop on Hadoop and its use in scientific and data intensive computing. This workshop is aimed at researchers seeking to use Hadoop on the Gordon data-intensive cluster. During the two-hour workshop, participants will get receive introduction to the various options available for running Hadoop in Gordon’s normal production environment. The Gordon Hadoop configuration uses SSD storage on each compute node (available via iSER) to construct the Hadoop filesystem (HDFS) and the IPoIB interface for network communications.

This training workshop will be available as both an webcast and an in-person workshop at SDSC (on the campus of the University of California San Diego). There is no fee for the workshop.

For additional information about using Hadoop on Gordon, see the User Guide. Register for both the webcast and the in-person session at the XSEDE Course Calendar.