SRB Software Packages for Version 3.3.1

Date Last Modified: July 15, 2005

SRB 3.3.1 has a few features and many bug fixes, as described in the 3.3.1 Release notes.

The SRB software is released in many forms:

  1. Source Code (complete package includes Unix/Linux and Windows Server and Client) (below);
  2. Windows inQ Client Package
  3. Jargon, the pure Java Client Package
  4. MySRB package for web-based access to SRB
  5. Windows Server Binaries with Installation Routines
  6. Windows Client Binaries S-commands Package
  7. Perl SRB Module

Source Code

Full Source for Version 3.3.1

SRB Version 3.3.1: client/server source for Unix/Linux released on April 6, 2005.

Download one of the following encrypted tar files. There are four forms: Educational or Government (the copyright notice is the only difference) and pgp or openssl (blowfish) encrypted.

The following patch should be applied to the 3.3.1 release; released April 22.
This is to correct a bug in MCAT-enabled Server code for bulk Sphymove when run by a user who is not an srb sysadmin. The password is the same as the release. This patch is not needed for non-MCAT servers or the any of the client code. See Bugzilla item 129 and an SRB-Chat notice. To decrypt via pgp, use 'pgp -d filename -o SRB3_3.tar'. To decrypt via openssl, use 'openssl enc -d -bf-cbc -in filename -out SRB3.3.1.tar'. Openssl and pgp will prompt for the decryption key obtained from the SRB team. OpenSSL is available at

Client-only Source for Version 3.3.1

MySRB package for web-based access to SRB 3.3.1

Windows Server Binaries with Installation Routines 3.3.1

Client S-commands Package (contains binaries and man pages) 3.3.1

These can also be built via the client-only source release listed above.

For previous versions see the 3.3 version of this page.