SRB Software Packages for Version 3.3

Date Last Modified: march 3, 2005

SRB 3.3.0 has many new features and bug fixes some of the more important new features include:
  1. Sticky Bit for Access Control Inheritance which allows newly created files and collections to inherit all the access control permissions from their parent collection.
  2. Bulk Sphymove and Scp
  3. New domainadmin user type which has the privilege to create/remove users within their domain.
  4. Optional alternative to plain-text passwords in .MdasAuth files - password scrambled to improve security.
  5. Support for GT3 GSI.
  6. SRB on top of GridFTP.
  7. GridFTP on top of SRB.
  8. Many new Scommand options
The SRB software is released in many forms.
  1. Source Code (complete package includes Unix/Linux and Windows Server and Client);
  2. Windows inQ Client Package
  3. MySRB package for web-based access to SRB
  4. Windows Server Binaries with Installation Routines
  5. Windows Client Binaries S-commands Package
  6. Perl SRB Module

Source Code

Patch for Version 3.3

This provides fixes for for the follow bugs:

1) Eliminate bogus error return when uploading (Sput) files larger than 2 GB.

2) Add more data types recognized by the Scommand - pdf, png, bmp and mp3.

This is a client only patch. The patch is to be applied on top of Version 3.3 given below. It contains a single file - srbClientUtil.c. This should be used to replace the utilities/src/srbClientUtil.c file in the source tree. If this is a new download of Version 3.3, install Version 3.3 first and then apply this patch after the installation.

Download patch file for Version 3.3:
  • srbClientUtil.c - patch for Version 3.3 released on February 18, 2005.

    Full Source for Version 3.3

    SRB Version 3.3.0: client/server source for Unix/Linux released on February 18, 2005.

    Download one of the following encrypted tar files. There are four forms: Educational or Government (the copyright notice is the only difference) and pgp or openssl (blowfish) encrypted.

    To decrypt via pgp, use 'pgp -d filename -o SRB3_3.tar'. To decrypt via openssl, use 'openssl enc -d -bf-cbc -in filename -out SRB3.3.0.tar'. Openssl and pgp will prompt for the decryption key obtained from the SRB team. OpenSSL is available at

    Client-only Source for Version 3.3

    MySRB package for web-based access to SRB 3.3

  • To be available soon.

    Windows Server Binaries with Installation Routines 3.3

  • To be available soon.

    Client S-commands Package (contains binaries and man pages) 3.3

    These can be built via the client-only source release listed above.

    Client-only Source for Version 3.2

    MySRB package for web-based access to SRB 3.2

    If you need access to another previous version, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, or 2.0, please contact us at