SRB Software Packages for Version 3.4.0

Date Released: October 31, 2005

Date Last Modified: January 20, 2006

June 2006 Update: This is an old SRB version on our old web site, please see the new web site at for current releases and current information.

SRB 3.4.0 has many new features and bug fixes, as described in the 3.4.0 Release notes.

The SRB software is released in many forms:

  1. Source Code (complete package includes Unix/Linux and Windows Server and Client) (below);
  2. Windows inQ Client Package
  3. Jargon, the pure Java Client Package
  4. MySRB package for web-based access to SRB
  5. Windows Server Binaries with Installation Routines
  6. Windows Client Binaries S-commands Package
  7. Perl SRB Module

Source Code

Full Source for Version 3.4.0

SRB Version 3.4.0: client/server source for Unix/Linux released on October 31, 2005.

Download one of the following encrypted tar files. There are four forms: Educational or Government (the copyright notice is the only difference) and pgp or openssl (blowfish) encrypted.

To decrypt via pgp, use 'pgp -d SRB3.4.0rele_pgp.tar -o SRB3.4.0.tar'. To decrypt via openssl, use 'openssl enc -d -bf-cbc -in SRB3.4.0rele_bf.tar -out SRB3.4.0.tar'. Openssl and pgp will prompt for the decryption key obtained from the SRB team. OpenSSL is available at

If you need the decryption key, fill out this registration form.

Patches for Version 3.4.0

Fixes for bugs discovered after the release are available here. Currently, this is bug 190, Sput -b of individual files fails, and bug 193 Cross zone connections fail.

Client-only Source for Version 3.4.0

Java Administration tool

MySRB package for web-based access to SRB 3.4.0

Windows Server Binaries with Installation Routines 3.4.0

Client S-commands Package (contains binaries and man pages) 3.4.0

These can also be built via the client-only source release listed above.

For previous versions see the 3.3.1 version of this page.