Digital Preservation Lifecycle Management

Building a demonstration prototype for the preservation of large-scale multi-media collections

  • Abstract
    The Digital Preservation Lifecycle Management project demonstrates a preservation life cycle management process for video content, including management of authenticity, integrity, and infrastructure independence. The aim of this project is to identify a preservation lifecycle, which will mesh seamlessly with the content production. To that end, researchers are developing and documenting a practical preservation process for mixed collection of both legacy and ``born digital'' video material that automates accession, description, organization, and preservation of video, and associated contents. A technical XML foundation for the management of digital materials has been developed. Development of workflow modules that can be rearranged according to the specific needs of the studios, producers, and archivists involved and allow for multiple flexible workflow customization is ongoing for preserving data and metadata. The outcome of this project is a workflow system called "WRAP: Reconfigurable Workflow for Automatic Preservation".
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  • Collection
    • Video Collections from the UCTV Series: Conversations with History and associated data and metadata from the production life cycle .
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  • Time Period
    • June 2005 - June 2006. The project has been given a no cost extension until December 2006.
  • Papers and Presentations
    • Building Preservation Environments with Data Grid Technologies R. Moore in the American Archivist Journal, pp. 139-158, Vol. 69, No. 1, Spring/Summer 2006.
    • A Scientific Workflow Solution to the Archiving of Digital Media Chien-Yi Hou, Ilkay Altintas, Efrat Jaeger-Frank, Lucas Gilbert, Reagan Moore, Arcot Rajasekar, and Richard Marciano The Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science held in conjunction with HPDC 2006, June 19-23, Paris, France.
    • Long-Term Preservation of Large-Scale Multimedia Collections: a Digital Workflow Approack, R. Marciano, C-Y. Hou, L. Burnstan, H. Kreisler, R. Moore, A. Rajasekar, Archiving 2006, May 23-26, 2006, Ottawa, Canada (send mail to for copies.)
    • Building a Demonstration Prototype for the Preservation of Large-Scale Multimedia Collections, Rajasekar, Arcot; Berman, Francine; Burnstan, Lynn; Kreisler, Harry; Schottlaender, Brian; Moore, Reagan; Marciano, Richard; Hou, Chien-Yi;7th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research, May 21-24, 2006, San Diego, CA, presentation slides.
    • Building a Demonstration Prototype for the Preservation of Large-Scale Multimedia Collections, Arcot Rajasekar, Richard Marciano, Reagan Moore, Chien-Yi Hou, Francine Berman, Lynn Burnstan, Steve Anderson, Melisa Weber, Bee Bornheimer, Harry Kreisler, Brian Schottlaender, Luc DeClerck, Brad Westbrook, Arwen Hutt, Ardys Kozbial, Chris Frymann, Vivian Chu,SRB Workshop, February 2-3, 2006, San Diego, CA, presentation slides.
    • Digital Preservation Lifecycle Management for Multi-media Collections A. Rajasekar, R. Moore, F. Berman. B. Schottlaender The International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries 2005, Bangok, Thailand, December 2005 (send mail to for copies.)
    • Presentation at First PI Meeting, Atlanta, May 17,2005. Other presentations at the meetings can be found here.
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    • PI Meeting, June 13,2005
    • Technical Meeting, June 20,2005
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