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The SDSC Matrix Project performs research and development to deliver grid workflow protocols and workflow language descriptions necessary to build a peer-to- peer infrastructure for Grid Workflow Management Systems (GfMS).  

Matrix has been designed to work on data grid workflows and data grid administration of SRB based data grid systems. In conjunction with SRB, Matrix performs data grid and compute-intensive tasks along with other grid middleware.

What's New: 

  • Both synchronous and asynchronous requests now possible

  • Matrix Poster at SC'04

Get Started: Running the Matrix
Matrix Client API  (3.3)
Download Matrix Software
SRB-Matrix CVS Statistics 


Workflow Management Systems have been around for a long time. The Grid requires a very highly distributed workflow/dataflow management that can take advantage of the distributed resources. Grid Workflow (Gridflow) is usually spread across distributed resources separated on a Wide Area Network. A Gridflow Management System has to have:  1) a language to to describe the gridflow and 2) protocols to distribute the tasks amongst the possible resources available dynamically. Matrix uses the Data Grid Language, which can be used to describe, query and control the execution of gridflow pipelines.  



The SDSC Matrix Project is an open sourced community effort seeking the timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work on a non-commercial basis.  


Last Update: 11/12/2004