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The Storage Resource Broker (SRB) is a Data Grid Management System (DGMS) or simply a logical distributed file system based on a client-server architecture which presents the user with a single global logical namespace or file hierarchy.

The SRB DGMS has features to support collaborative management of distributed data including: controlled sharing, publication, replication, transfer, attribute based organization, data discovery, and preservation of distributed data. The SRB has become a default DGMS for collaborative data management in multiple academic data centers around the world including: US, UK, Taiwan, Australia, Japan and more countries. It is estimated that SRB brokers more than 1.5 Petabyte of data worldwide.


The SRB DGMS is a middleware in the sense that it is built on top of other major software packages (various storage systems, real-time data sources, a relational database management system, etc) and it has callable library functions that can be utilized by higher level software. However, it is more complete than many middleware software systems as it implements a comprehensive distributed data management environment, including various end-user client applications.