Ticketuser patch

From SRB

If you are installing a new MCAT and are using PostgreSQL as the DBMS and you want to Federate with other Zones, please make the following patch first. Edit .../MCAT/data/catalog.install.psg and remove the following lines:

/* UPDATE TEST FOR LLNL no-ticket SRB */
delete from MDAS_AU_AUTH_KEY where user_id = 6;
delete from MDAS_AU_INFO where user_id = 6;
delete from MDAS_AU_GROUP where user_id = 6;
delete from MDAS_AU_DOMN where user_id = 6;
delete from MDAS_AU_USER where user_id = 6;

Having these lines in this MCAT-postgres setup file was an error, and it caused the ticketuser to be non-functional which would cause federation to fail.

If you have already installed 3.5.0 and want to Federate (or otherwise use the ticketuser functionality) you can correct the problem by adding the ticketuser user via Singestuser:

 Singestuser ticketuser [SomePassword] sdsc public     

where [SomePassword] is a password of your choice.