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Kepler recently provides support for the Storage Resource Broker storage management system as an interface to provide efficient storage functionality. SRB serves as a storage management system in the Grid environment. SRB provides secure and optimized file transfer functions along with seamlessly access to data from heterogeneous physical resource using a logical namespace. Moreover, SRB includes built-in replication, bulk-replication, and a metadata query functionality through a MetaData Catalog (MCAT).

SRB in Kepler

Using SRB in Kepler provides an efficient storage management; data access and transfer functionality, server side processing of data using proxy commands and efficient search functionality using metadata. Moreover, as Kepler is a cross-project collaboration extending to various scientific disciplines, SRB provides data access to diverse repositories using a single namespace.

Other benefits of using SRB in Kepler include third party transfer, shipping and handling of data, and persistent archiving. Detailed information is available at KeplerSRBDoc

Supported Features

SRB is available in Kepler through its Jargon java API. Currently supported features include:

  • Put/Get: Both parallel and streaming access to download/upload data.
  • Metadata access: add metadata, get metadata, query metadata.
  • SRB OS commands: Sls, Scp, Smv, Srm, Smkdir, Srmdir, Schmod.
  • SRB Proxy Commands: Executes any remote command deployed on an SRB space.