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-==[ Kepler]==+'''CCBANGNING Community'''
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-Kepler recently provides support for the Storage Resource Broker storage management system as an interface to provide efficient storage functionality. SRB serves as a storage management system in the Grid environment. SRB provides secure and optimized file transfer functions along with seamlessly access to data from heterogeneous physical resource using a logical namespace. Moreover, SRB includes built-in replication, bulk-replication, and a metadata query functionality through a MetaData Catalog ([[MCAT]]).+
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-===SRB in Kepler===+
-Using SRB in Kepler provides an efficient storage management; data access and transfer functionality, server side processing of data using proxy commands and efficient search functionality using metadata. Moreover, as Kepler is a cross-project collaboration extending to various scientific disciplines, SRB provides data access to diverse repositories using a single namespace.+
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-Other benefits of using SRB in Kepler include third party transfer, shipping and handling of data, and persistent archiving. Detailed information is available at [ KeplerSRBDoc]+
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-===Supported Features===+
-SRB is available in Kepler through its [[Jargon]] java API. Currently supported features include:+
- +
-* Put/Get: Both parallel and streaming access to download/upload data.+
-* Metadata access: add metadata, get metadata, query metadata.+
-* [[Scommands|SRB OS commands]]: [[Sls]], [[Scp]], [[Smv]], [[Srm]], [[Smkdir]], [[Srmdir]], [[Schmod]].+
-* SRB Proxy Commands: Executes any remote command deployed on an SRB space.+

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