Installing 2 Servers On Same Host

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This is a summary of the emails between myself, Wayne, Sheau-Yen and Jean-Yves

What I wanted to do was very simple i.e.

"Install 2 SRB servers on the same machine, each with different port numbers that use same database server but have their own mcat database. I was using postgres as the database engine. Both installations were being done under same user account"

So it as seems that during srb server installation (using the script, I believe also with manual install). One file called ".odbc.ini" is created in the home directory of the user installing the srb server. This file is read by the srb server during the startup process.

So if you use same user account for installing srb server then this file will be overwritten by the newest installation and both srb servers will talk to newest mcat database.

The bottomline is that it is not *possible to install 2 srb servers each using its own mcat under one user account.

Some impressions

1. It would have been better to place .odbc.ini in the .srb directory so that it is easy for users to spot the configuration files being used by srb server

2. Ideally, it shall also be possible to specify name of the odbc file either in the MdasConfig file for the srb server or as a compile time parameter. This will enable us to be able to switch between different mcat databases for a server as well as have multiple srb servers running under same account (as I dont want to have as many user accounts as srb servers to be able to do that).

Interestingly enough the MdasConfig does have a parameter for the database name but it is not used i.e. it is set to PostgreSQL. So may be it will be better to put the name of the database in the config file as well.