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The Server Download page includes a link to an script which makes it easier to do an basic installation of an SRB/MCAT system (and Postgres/ODBC) for testing.

SBB_Install_Notes.doc is a Word document with detailed descriptions of the installation procedure written by the CCLRC e-Science Data Management Group of the UK. (If someone would like to convert this to MediaWiki and add it here, please do; it would be good to integrate the information.)

The rest of the installation instructions are based on various Readme files which are now converted into wiki format, updated, and consolidated. See:

(This was the README.first.htm file; needs to be updated)


i) Starting with SRB 2.0.0, installation procedures have been changed to use the "configure" script. Please read for details. Starting with 2.1.1, there is now an script to handle certain types of installations. ii) The Sput and Sget commands support parallel I/O. But the DEFAULT I/O mode is SERIAL. Please use the -m option or set the env variable "srbParallel" to any value to switch the I/O mode to parallel. With 2.1, the server can be configured with the number of parallel threads to use. iii) The previous versions (1.1.8) of MCAT are not compatible with the 2.0 and 2.1 releases. At SDSC, we are starting to upgrade the MCATs of various projects to 2.x. If you are using one of the MCATs at SDSC, please email for the status of the MCAT upgrade.

See the ReleaseNotesX.Y[.Z] files (for example, ReleaseNotes2.1.1) for features of the releases.

Contents of this release

Directory Comments


./src The source for the SRB code. ./obj The SRB object files, the SRB client library. ./bin The SRB server binary and startup script. ./data The SRB server configuration files. ./mk The SRB server make configuration. ./readme.dir The README directory. ./MCAT MCAT installation, configuration and management. ./MCAT/java The SRB/MCAT Admin Tool. ./utilities The SRB client utilities. ./test Client programs, test suites. ./java The java srbBrowser. ./admin The SRB server monitoring program. ./jargon A pure Java API ./matrix WSDL Services interface for SRB ./python Python binding

Other README-type information

SRB_Install_Notes.doc - This is an excellent SRB installation note written by Dr. Michael Doherty of the e-Science Group at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory of UK. It describes from start to finish the installation of MCAT, MES (MCAT enable server), other SRB resource servers and client softwares. The install note is based on a Linux system with Oracle 9i as the database for MCAT. However, most of the note is applicable to other OS and DMBS.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Build - Notes on how to build the SRB server and client library.

Data Encryption Compression - Notes on optional data encryption/compression capabilities.

README.serverconfig - Notes on how to configure and run the SRB server.

README.client - Notes on how to configure a SRB client environment and use the SRB client API.

README.clientAPI - Gives a summary of the SRB client API.

README.utilities - Notes on Installation and Use of Client Utilities.

README.MCAT.INSTALL - Notes on Installation and Management of the MCAT catalog.

Python - Notes on python binding.

README.srbBrowser - Notes on Installation and Use of the java srbBrowser.

README.srbMon - Notes on Installation and Use of the SRB server monitoring daemon.

README.tapeMassStor - Notes on Installation of the SRB's own Tape Mass Storage system.

DAI - Notes on usage of the database access interface (DAI).

Secure Operation How to run SRB in a Secure manner.

TLANG.PRIMER - A small primer for the Template Language (now available as T Language in this Wiki system).

web/SRB.htm - SRB Version 2.0.0 Manual in HTML format.