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inQ is Windows based browser/query tool for SRB which offers the traditional file and directory functionality of the old SRB Browser as well as support for metadata and nested queries on both collections and datasets. Metadata, access rights, and queries can be viewed along-side collections and datasets in inQ's 'Windows Explorer-like' interface. inQ is multithreaded and has drag and drop support.

inQ is written using the SRB client library, the SRB C++ wrapper, and the MFC library for MS Windows platforms.

SRB 3.4.1

inQ 3.4.1

SRB 3.3.1 & 3.4.0

inQ 3.3.1b

SRB 3.3.0

inQ 3.3.0

SRB 3.2.0

inQ 3.2.0