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I'm a senior software engineer and have been part of the SRB group since rejoining SDSC in 2002. Prior to that, I was with a startup, Entropia, for two years and prior to that had been with SDSC since soon after it began in 1985. Before that I worked at LLNL for 6 years, and Sperry*Univac for 3. Some of the work I did in the late '90s to 2001 was security related and used in the SRB.

As part of the SRB team, I've developed some of the administration and installation tools, developed some testing scripts, helped set up an automatic testings system, updated documentation, handle some of the releases, and helped Mike and Raja in various development projects and some of the management-related tasks (like organizing the 2006 SRB Workshop). With Mike, Raja, and others on the team, I am now helping to develop our Rule-oriented data management system, the next-generation SRB. (Right now, I'm coordinating the development of this WIKI SRB system too.)

See my [SDSC home page] for more.