From SRB

Upgrading an SRB/MCAT installation to a new release involves two parts.

The MCAT part is the database schema upgrade. The upgrade SQL scripts are in the $SRBrelease/MCAT/data/*patch* directory. The database front-end tool for Oracle is sqlplus, and for postgreSQL is psql. It is recommended that you backup your MCAT database, before you apply the database updates.

The second part is the SRB part, and it is the using new source code to rebuild the SRB binaries. Make sure you are using the similar configure parameters as your previous version.

As an example, the steps for upgrading a postgreSQL MCAT/SRB from V3.3.1 to V3.4.2 :

1. get V3.4.2 tar file, untar

2. configure with postgreSQL MCAT-enabled srbServer, then

  gmake clean; gmake 

3. shutdown V3.3.1 srbServer, keep postmaster running if MCAT is postgreSQL.

  It is recommended to backup your database, before apply MCAT patches.

4. run these MCAT patches which were part of current release SRB3_4_2/MCAT/data

  331to340patch.psg  and 340to341patch.psg  
  using the postgreSQL client psql:
  (there were no MCAT database schema change from V3.4.1 to V3.4.2 )
  psql MCAT  <331to340patch.psg >& 331to340patch.log
  psql MCAT  <340to341patch.psg >& 340to341patch.log
  Check each log file, make sure all the queries runs without error.
  If error occurred, please contact srb@sdsc.edu.

5. modify SRBInstall/bin - cp srbMaster-3.4.2 & srbServer to here, and modify runsrb/killsrb to point to the V3.4.2 binary

6. re-start the srb and make sure federations are working fine.

  If you are using the install.pl script, you can use it to stop 
  and start the servers:
  install.pl  stop   ( stop V3.4.2 and postmaster)
  install.pl  start   ( starts postmaster, then, V3.4.2 srbServer)