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NAME - Synchronize information from another zone.

SYNOPSIS -[u|r|d] [-z zone] [-h]


This perl script synchronizes information between SRB zones, helping to create an SRB federation of zones so that users can access data (if access controls allow) across multiple zones. It should be periodi- cally run by the SRB administrator to keep the local zone up-to-date with other zones in the Federation. It pulls information from the other zone(s) and inserts it into the local zone MCAT via the Spullmeta and Spushmeta commands.

In the Federated MCAT system, the local MCAT needs to have certain information from the other zones. For example, a list of users (user- name and domain) for the remote zone is needed in the local MCAT, although the password is kept only at the zone that is home for that user.

Before sync'ing with another zone, you should make sure you do not have name conflicts with any of the following:

 1) Domain names.
 2) Resource names.
 3) Location names (locations with the same name are OK if they actually refer to
    the same location).

This script queries the local MCAT to find which zones exist (and are active; zones marked as inactive are ignored) and where they are (host ids) and then connects to each, retrieving the information, and insert- ing it locally. The Spullmeta and Spushmeta commands perform the get and put of the information.

It is assumed that the user has set the path to include the location of the SRB S commands and has a valid .MdasEnv and .MdasAuth for connect- ing to the local server.

It is also necessary that this local user id is registered as an admin for this zone at the remote zone(s). For example, the local zone is "A", the remote is "B", and you are srbAdmin@Adomain locally. At B, there must be a user defined as being in Zone A, with name srbAd- min@Adomain, with admin privileges (for zone A). When this script, via Stoken, connects to the server at B, server B will check with server A to verify srbAdmin@Adomain has the correct password. creates and cd's to a subdirectory ("SzonesyncTmpDir") into which it creates a set of small text files which are used with the Spullmeta/Spushmeta commands.


do a user information (basic) syncronization
do user information plus resource information syncronization
do data information syncronization
zone syncronize with the specified zone only

display command options


the script, Szone, the Java Admin Tool, and see the top of the script