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Szone - modifies metadata information about SRB data objects.


Szone [-h|-l|-r|-M] zone locnDesc portNumber adminUserName@Domain contactInformation comment

Szone [-C] oldZoneName newZoneName

Szone [-U] zone userName DomainName

Szone [-L] zone newLocalFlagValue

Szone [-S] zone newStatusValue


Szone inserts and modifies information about zones dataName.

The Stoken utility can be used to find the current zone information.


display command options
inserts a local zone
inserts a remote zone
modifies information about an existing zone. If you want to change a particular information, put the new value at the appropriate argument position. If an item is not being changed just use a quoted empty string () in that position.
changes the name of a zone. It changes the zone name for all asso- ciated users and also their collection name if it starts with the old zone name.
changes the zone name for a user
changes whether a zone is local or remote. Use 1 to make it local and 0 to make it remote. Only one zone can be local for each MCAT
changes the status of the zone. All zones are normally active (= 1).


SgetU, Stoken