Supporting projects

From SRB

Project Dates Agency People Status
Massive Data Analysis System (MDAS) 1995-1997 DARPA RM,RF,MW,AR Completed
Distributed Object Computation Testbed 1996-1999 DOD, USPTO RM,RF,MW,AR Completed
National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure 1997-2004 NSF ALL Ongoing
Information Power Grid 1998-2004 NASA RM,MW,AR,GK Completed
Data Visualization Corridor 1998-2001 DOE ASCI RM,MW,AR Completed
Persistent archive research 1999- NARA RM,AR,MW,SC,M2 Ongoing
A Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity 1999-2000 NSF AR Completed
Core Integration of the National SMETE: Digital Library 1999-2000,2001- NSF RM,CC Ongoing
Particle Physics Data Grid 2000- DOE RM,AR,BZ,WS Ongoing
Interlib-UCSB(ADEPT) 2000-2004 NSF RM,GK Completed
Interlib-Stanford 2000-2004 NSF RM,AR Completed
SRB Performance Optimization 2001-2001 DOD RM,MW,AR Completed
Biomedical Imaging Research Network Coordinating Center 2001- NIH RM,AR,MW,RO,VR,TW Ongoing
Digital Embryo 2001-2003 NLM RM,AR,SC Completed
Joint Center for Structural Genomics 2001- NSF RM,AR,SC Ongoing
Grid Physics Networks 2001- NSF RM,AJ Ongoing
Hayden Planetarium 2002-2003 AMNH GK Completed
Alliance for Cell Signalling 2002- NIH RM,AR,SC Ongoing
Enabling the Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge (SEEK) 2002- NSF AR,BZ Ongoing
Exploring the Environment in Time: Wireless Networks and Real-Time Management (RoadNet) 2002-2004 NSF AR Completed
National Virtual Observatory 2002- NSF RM,GK Ongoing
Southern California Earthquake Center 2002- NSF RM,MF Ongoing
Portal Web Services: Support of DOE SciDAC Collaborations 2003- DOE SCiDAC RM,AR,WS Ongoing
TeraGrid 2003- NSF RM,GK,BZ Ongoing
California Digital Library Data Grid 2003- CDL RM,M2,SC Ongoing
A Real-Time Data Aware System for Earth, Oceanographic as Environmental Application (RoadNet2) 2003- NSF AR Ongoing
Persistent Archive Testbed 2004- NHPRC RM,M2,SC Ongoing

People Code (people involved in SRB development/applications):
RM: Reagan Moore
MW: Mike Wan
RF: Richard Frost
AR: Arcot Rajasekar
WS: Wayne Schroeder
GK: George Kremenek
BZ: Bing Zhu
RO: Roman Olschanowsky
SC: Sheau-Yen Chen
CC: Charlie Cowart
AJ: Arun Jagatheesan
LG: Lucas Gilbert
VR: Vicky Rowley
TW: Tim Warnock
AT: Antoine de Torcy
MF: Marcio Faerman
M2: Richard Marciano