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Stcat - display files read from SRB space for a ticketuser


Stcat [-T ticketFile | -t ticket] [-H hostName] [-A condition] srbObj ...


Stcat reads each srbObj from SRB space and writes it on the standard output. Stcat is used by users who do not have accounts on SRB. Only ticket issued for 'ticketuser' name is usable through Stcat.

One need not give a srbObj name if the ticket is issued for a particu- lar dataset.

With -A option, only srbObj which conforms to the condition are chosen.

If any srbObj is replicated then only one of the copies is displayed.

The srbObj argument can be a path name in the SRB collection hierarchy.


display command options
option to give a filename containing a ticket
option for giving a ticket directly
hostName is the host name where a server SRB is running. If not given it exopects the environment files or variables to provide the information.
condition option is an '&' separated condition which will be applied in choosing the object to be accessed. The separated con- dition is of the form "<Attr> <CompOp> <Value>", where <Attr> is an MCAT attribute found by Sattrs command, <CompOp> is a compari- son operator and <Value> is a numeric or string value. The entire condition should be within a set of double quotes.


Sticket, Scat, Sattrs