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Sstage - Stage an SRB object stored in Sun's SamFs type resources (not applicable to other resource types) from offline to online.


Sstage [-r] -S stageResource srbObj|collection ...


Sstage stages the srb data/collection stored in SamFs type resources from offline to online. This will be helpful to someone who wants to download or copy (Sget,Scp, etc) a large number of files that have been migrated to tapes (offline). The Sstage command does not block waiting for the completion of the actual staging. It issues all the staging commands to the SamFs at once so that the SamFs can optimize a staging strategy. The Sstage command should be run before Sget or Scp is run. If an SRB data object contains multiple copies, the -S option can be used to specify the resource of the copy to be staged.

The srbObj or collection arguments can be path names in the SRB collection hierarchy.


recursively stage the collection.
stageResource is the resource of the copy to be staged.


Sget, Sreplicate, Scp