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Sregisterlocation - register a new location


Sregisterlocation [-h] NewLocationName FullNetworkAddress ParentLocation ServerUser ServerUserDomain


Sregisterlocation is an SRB Administrator command to register a new location into the MCAT. It is similar to the MCAT command ingestLoca- tion but can run on any supported host. It uses SRB client/server calls to update the MCAT. You must have SRB administrative privileges for this command to succeed.

A Location is an MCAT item, a token, that describes a computer in the SRB grid.

NewLocationName is a name of your choosing for your new location.

FullNetworkAddress is the DNS hostname for the computer, followed by :NULL:NULL for file systems or :db:password for a database . For example, ''.

ParentLocation is the Location that the new Location is registered under. This is largely just informational, but ParentLocation must be a valid Location in your MCAT, such as 'level4'. Use Stoken to display your complete list.

ServerUser, combined with the ServerUserDomain, is the SRB user which controls the resources at the Location.

ServerUserDomain, combined with the ServerUser, is the SRB user which controls the resources at the Location.


display command options


registerlocation NewLoc '' 'catharsis sdsc' srb sdsc

registerlocation 'catharsis oracle Vault' '' 'catharsis sdsc' srb sdsc


Stoken, Sregisterresource, and mcatAdmin the Java GUI Admin Tool.