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Smkdir - creates a new SRB collection


Smkdir [-N] [-c container] collection

Smkdir -p [-N] collection


Smkdir creates a new SRB collection.

collection is of the format [path_name/]new_collection_name, where an absolute path can be given, or a relative path name with respect to th e current working directory, or just the new_collection_name in which case the current working directory will be used. With -p option, the intermediate collections will be created if they dont exist.

When creating the collection, the call also associates the new collection with a parent collection's container (if one exists). Using the -N option overrides this default.

The -c option can be used to associate a container with the collection being made. The specified container must already exist. If the command

is executed successfully, all subsequent files put underneath this collection will be automatically put in the container.


display command options
overrides automatic inheritance of container from parent collection.
container associate a container with the collection being made.
creates any ancestral collection that are missing.


Spwd, Scd, Sls, Srmdir