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Slscont - list your SRB containers


Slscont [-aAFlX] [-z mcatZone][ Containers .... ]


Slscont displays all containers owned by this user. The -A option allows the display of all containers accessible by this user.

The input parameter Containers is optional. If it is not given, all containers and their associated metadata (if the -l option is used) owned/accessible by the user will be listed. Otherwise, only the input Containers will be listed. The Containers may be an absolute path or a relative path in the SRB name space and more than one Container may be given.

If the -F option is used, all inContainer objects contained in the given Container will be listed. With this option, at least one Container input must be given.

When a container is full, the SRB server automatically renames the full container "myContainer" to "myContainer.NNNN" where NNNN is a random integer number. The server then creates an empty container with the original container name "myContainer". In effect, this scheme creates a family of containers. The -a option can be used to list all containers in a family. The -a option can be used with the -F option to list all inContainer files contained in the family of containers for the given container.


display command options
display metadata of container in long form.
display containers accessible by the user rather than owned by the user.
display all inContainer files contained in the given container.
display the family of containers for the given container.
List using the Master MCAT. The default uses the Slave MCAT (unless the "masterMcat" environment variable is set) if configured.
mcatZone The MCAT zone to query for the container info


Srmcont, Smkcont