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Sinit - initializes SRB client environment.


Sinit [-v]


Sinit initializes the client environment session by making a copy for this session from the original Client Environment file. The Client Environment file is normally located in ~/.srb/.MdasEnv.

The name of the session Client Environment file is based on the parent's (possibly shell) process identifier.

Sinit allows more than one parallel session to be manintained from a user's account. (usually through separate shells).

Sinit should be the first SRB command to be given before invoking any other S-commands. Otherwise error 1200 (UTIL_ERROR_ENV_FILE_OPEN) will result.

Sinit will use your password from your ~/.srb/.MdasAuth file (or .srbAuthFile), or if those do not exist, it will prompt for your password and create a temporary scrambled .srbAuthFile. This temporary .srbAuthFile is removed when you run Sexit. Also see Sauth.

Recommended to have it as part of login script.


Display the client and server release versions. The output gives a "release version" and an "API version". A client may communication with servers with different "release versions", but they must have the same "API version".


Sexit, Senv, Sauth