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SgetU - display information about SRB user(s).


SgetU [-pPhdatqgGcDZX] [-z zone] [-L number] [-Y number] [-T userType] [userName@domainName ]

SgetU -M|O [ -X ] [ -z zone] userGroupName


SgetU displays information about a group or user userName@domainName.

In the first synposis if userName@domainName is not given, SgetU displays information about current user. If domainName is not given then SgetU displays information for userName in all domains. If userName is not given then it displays information about users in domainName. The second synposis deals with user groups. userGroupName, userName and domainName can have wildcards * and ?.


display command options
display user/group name
display verbose user/group parameters (default)
display dataset accessible by user/group along with access permissions
display domain(s) of user/group
display audit information for the user/group
display group(s) of user/group
display group(s) for which the user is a groupowner.
display collection access for the user/group
display quotasfor user or users
display distinguished name and authorization scheme for the user/group
display home zone name for the user/group
display members of the given user group(s).
display owners of the given user group(s).
List using the Master MCAT. The default uses the Slave MCAT (unless the "masterMcat" environment variable is set) if configured.
display information for user type userType
zone option applies to the second synopsis and is used to perform the Sls operation on a particular zone. If ALL is used for zone then every zone known to the current zone will be queried. zone can have wild cards.
[number] controls display format. Without -Y, information is displayed one item-per-line with each attribute spaced at DEFAULT_FIELD_WIDTH characters. With -Y 0 will display in vertical, one attribute-per-line format. With Y n, n > 0, information is displayed one item-per-line with each attribute spaced at number characters. With Y -1, information is displayed without headers, with each item quoted and separated by a blank and with no row control.
[number] controls number of items displayed at a time under user's control. Without -L, DEFAULT_ROW_COUNT items of information is displayed at a time. With L n, n > 0, n items are displayed at a time.


SgetR, SgetD SmodifyUser