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SgetD - display information about SRB data objects.


SgetD [-phPrReagsdDcCtX] [-I] [-W|-U userName] [-Y number] [-L number] [-P dataType] [-A condition] [dataName]


SgetD displays information about data objects dataName.

If dataName is not given, SgetD displays information about all data objects that can be associated with the user, unless -U or -W option is exercised. dataName can have wildcards * and ?.


display command options
display dataset basic parameters such as collection, type, creation time and size (default)
display dataset basic parameters with replication number, data checksum and data identifier
drill down and display the content of a compound object
display dataset parameters for pin, expiry,compression and encryption
display dataset parameters for guid (global unique identifier)
display storage information
display verbose storage information
display access permissions
display verbose access permissions
display audit information
display verbose audit information
List using the Master MCAT. The default uses the Slave MCAT (unless the "masterMcat" environment variable is set) if configured.
display collection information
display comments
display information for all users
display information for user/group userName
display information type only for dataType
display information about dataName in all collections.
[number] controls display format. Without -Y, information is displayed one item-per-line with each attribute spaced at DEFAULT_FIELD_WIDTH characters. With -Y 0 will display in vertical, one attribute-per-line format. With Y n, n > 0, information is displayed one item-per-line with each attribute spaced at number characters. With Y -1, information is displayed without headers, with each item quoted and separated by a blank and with no row control.
[number] controls number of items displayed at a time under user's control. Without -L, DEFAULT_ROW_COUNT items of information is displayed at a time. With L n, n > 0, n items are displayed at a time.
condition option is an '&' separated condition which will be applied in choosing the object to be listed. The separated condition is of the form "<Attr> <CompOp> <Value>", where <Attr> is an MCAT attribute found by Sattrs command, <CompOp> is a comparison operator and <Value> is a numeric or string value. The entire condition should be within a set of double quotes. Example: SgetD -A "COPY = 0"


SgetU, SgetR, Sattrs