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Full Source for Version 3.5.0

SRB Version 3.5.0: client/server source for Unix/Linux released on June 26, 2006.

STEP ONE: Download the appropriate tar file

Download one of the following encrypted tar files. There are four forms: Educational or Government (the copyright notice is the only difference) and pgp or openssl (blowfish) encrypted.

STEP TWO: Decrypt by obtaining the decrypt key

To decrypt via pgp, use 'pgp -d SRB3.5.0rele_pgp.tar -o SRB3.5.0.tar'. To decrypt via openssl, use 'openssl enc -d -bf-cbc -in SRB3.5.0rele_bf.tar -out SRB3.5.0.tar'. Openssl and pgp will prompt for the decryption key obtained from the SRB team. OpenSSL is available at The decryption key has been changed from other recent releases; contact us for the new key.

You can obtain the decryption key by filling out the SRB Server Key Request form. We are required to collect your contact information before we provide the software to you for free. This is required for us (UCSD) to comply with US export laws and US copyright laws. We cannot, however, give it to individuals, corporations, or certain countries. See Is_SRB_Open_Source

See the Release Notes 3 5 0 for a description of changes for this release.

If you are using PostgreSQL and plan to federate (use multiple Zones), apply the ticketuser patch.

Windows SRB Server 3.5.0

We will have pre-built binaries for the Windows platform available shortly. SRB 3.4.1 binaries are available and compatible with SRB 3.4.2 servers.

Previous Releases

To download previous versions, see the Release Notes. The decryption key is the same as for the current release.