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Scp - copies a srbObj or srbCollection in SRB space


Scp [-n n] [-fprasvb] [-c container] [-S newResourceName] [-P newPath-Name] srcObj destObj

Scp [-n n] [-fprasv] [-c container] [-S newResourceName] [-P newPath-Name]srcObj ... target_collection

Scp [-n n] -r[-fprasvb] [-c container] [-S newResourceName] [-P new-PathName] source_collection ... target_collection


In the first synopsis form, Scp copies a SRB srcObj to destObj. If newResourceName and/or newPathName are given the copy is made at that location. Otherwise, default resource name is used. If no newPathName is given the pathname is made using the default path name for the resource (as stored in MCAT). The copied object is registered as a new SRB object in MCAT.

In the second synopsis form, Scp copies each SRB srcObj to the target_collection. Except for "." and "..", it will return an error if the target_collection does not exist.

In the third synopsis form, Scp copies one or more source_collection recursively to the target_collection.

By default, Scp uses the parallel I/O API to do the copying. The -s option can be used to switch the I/O mode to serial.

If the -b option is used, the copy will be carried out in bulk mode by the server. Speedup of up to a factor of 10 can be achieved if the copying involves a large number of small files.

Use Sreplicate if you want to make copies of the object in the same collection under the same name.

The user should have 'read' access permission for each SrbObj.

The srcObj argument can be a path name in the SRB collection hierarchy.


display command line options.
prompts before copying each object.
force copying even if object exists.
If the target object does not exist and the target resource is a logical resource consisting of more than one resources, then make a copy in each resources. If the target object exists, force copying all replica of the target object.
copy collections recursively.
bulk copy collections recursively.
verbose mode. print out file size and transfer rate.
n is an integer denoting the replica number of the object to be copied.
container is the container where the target object will be stored.
newResourceName is the target ResourceName.
newPathName is the target PathName.
switch I/O mode to serial


Sreplicate, Smv, Sphymove, Smkcont