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Sbunload - exports in bulk a collection or a SRB container to local file system.


Sbunload -[htk] [-z mcatZone] [-c container ] | [-f incontainer_obj] source_collection [local_dir]


Sbunload is the counterpart of Sbload and is similar to Sget functionally. It downloads files recursively stored in a SRB colection to the local file system. The source files can be regular SRB files and/or files stored in containers. It is designed to greatly improve the efficiency of downloading a large number of small files.

The optional -c or the -f options can be used to specify the family of container to be downloaded. In this case, only files stored in this family of container in the source_collection will be recursively downloaded. If the -f option is used, the input incontainer_obj is the name of a SRB file stored in a container and the program will use this info to to query the MCAT for the container and family of containers to be unloaded.

If neither the -c nor -f options were used, the program will download recursively all files stored in in the source_collection.

If the -t option is used, instead of unfolding the content of container into local files and directories, the whole container will be downloaded into a single file. It will create a local directory with the container as the name of the directory. Three types of files are put in this local directory:

1) The content of the container represented by : AAAA.dat where AAAA is the container name.

2) Index file represented by AAAA.inx. It is in ASCI text with each in-container file represented by a line with three values - SRB path, offset, size.

3) commondir file - contains a single text line representing the SRB directory (collection) that is common to these in-container files.

local_dir is the local directory under which the unloaded files will be place. If this input is not specified, it faults to ".".


incontainer_obj A incontainer file in the srb_collection.
container The container to be downloaded.
displays command options
download the whole container without unfolding the content.
checksum mode. Retrieves simple checksum (sum -s, --sysv) from the MCAT and compares with the checksum of the local file just downloaded.


Sbload), Sput, Sget, Smkdir