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Sbkupsrb - synchronizes copies of an SRB object


Sbkupsrb [-aAbrKv] -S backupResource srbObj|collection ...


Sbkupsrb backups the srb data/collection to the specified backupResource. It will first check whether a copy of the data to be backed up already exists in the backupResource. If it does and the copy is up to date, nothing will be done. If it exists but not up to date, the copy will be updated to the latest. If it does not exist, a replica to the backupResource will be made.

The srbObj or collection arguments can be path names in the SRB collection hierarchy.

An admin user can use the -A option to backup other user's files.

The -K option can be used to verify the integrity of the newly created backup copy using the checksuming mechanism. If a checksum value does not already exist for the original copy, a checksum value will be computed by the server before the replication. A checksum value will also be computed for the backup copy after the replication and these two checksum values are compared for verification.


If the target resource is a logical resource consisting of more than one resource, then make a copy in each resource in the group.
Checksum verification of the backup copy
Admin option. A user with admin privilege can use this option to backup other user's files.
recursively backup the collection.
bulk backup of a collection recursively.
verbose mode. Output files that have been backed up.
backupResource is the backup resource.


Sreplicate, Ssyncd, Sphymove, Smv, Scp