Release Structure

From SRB

The directory structure in the full SRB releases are as follows:

Directory                              Comments
---------               --------------------------------------        
./src			The source for the SRB code.
./obj                   The SRB object files, the SRB client library. 
./bin			The SRB server binary and startup script.
./data			The SRB server configuration files.
./mk			The SRB server make configuration.
./readme.dir		The README directory.
./MCAT			MCAT installation, configuration and management.
./MCAT/java             The SRB/MCAT Admin Tool.
./utilities		The SRB client utilities.
./test                  Client programs, test suites.
./java			The java srbBrowser.
./admin			The SRB server monitoring program.
./jargon                A pure Java API
./matrix                WSDL Services interface for SRB
./python                Python binding