Release Notes 3 3 1

From SRB

This document describes changes for SRB 3.3.1, released April 6, 2005.

New features:

1) Extensible Schema. Supplimenting core-metadata (pre-defined schema) and user defined metadata, the new extensible schema system allows users to add tables to an MCAT instance and access them through the native SRB/MCAT interfaces. See the new document readme.dir/README.extensibleschema.

2) Real-Time Access Through SRB. SRB has been augmented with new drivers and server-side support for accessing data from real-time data streams. As part of this new extension, two real-time resources developed and sold by Boulder Real Time Technologies (BRTT - has been made accessible through two new drivers in SRB. The first resource is an Object Ring Buffer called the Antelope Real Time System (ARTS). The second resource is a relational database called Antelope Seismic Information System (ASIS) (also known as Datascope). Antelope provides a set of software modules that implement acquisition, transport, buffering, processing, archiving and distribution of environmental monitoring information. When integrating with SRB, we laid over the stream-flow paradigm of the real-time system with the file system paradigm of SRB. Because of this, a user can register a data stream as an SRB object, open it and read packets of data and close the stream. because of the way ARTS is implemented more than one user can open a stream and read the packets. SRB takes full advantage of this facility. Moreover, one can define user-defined metadata and extensible metadata for these streams in the MCAT catalog (as well as system metadata in Datascope database) and discover the streams that are available through the SRB.

3) MDSPlus interface to SRB. MDSPlus ( is a data handling system used in the Fusion community. MDSPlus clients can link with an interface library (in the unixIO subdirectory) and the SRB client-only libraries, and then access (open, read, write, close, etc) data on an SRB Server. As of SRB 3.3, all functions needed by MDSPlus are implemented, including a partial file lock.

Bug fixes and enhancements:

1) A critical bug was fixed that caused Sput of a file larger than 2 GB to fail. This is the same bug fix given in the 3.3 patch.

2) A new readme file was added - advancedScommand.primer to explain some of the more advanced Scommands.

3) HPSS v 5.1 support was added.

4) The way the server configures the MCAT host was changed so that it will use the host configured in the data/mcatHost file instead of the one in MCAT zone table. This will make it easier to move the MCAT-enabled server to another host. (The previous method was to use the mcatHost information and then override it with the Zone information from the MCAT, which is fine when they match.)

5) A -s option was added to Schksum to provide a quick check of data integrity based on file size. For each file being checked, the server will compare the actual physical file size with the size registered in MCAT.

6) Fixes were made to get phyMove, bulk phyMove and bulk get of compound objects (objects on compound resources) to work properly. Previously, it would return an error message.

7) Bulk Sput into container was added. "Sput -bc cont" now works. Sbload can now be deprecated.

8) The ADS (UK eScience's archival system) driver was modified so that it will do only sequential I/O. Previously, the server supporting an ADS resource had to be built for sequential I/O, which is error prone and limiting.

9) Several compile errors under various conditions were fixed:

       . AIX platform 
       . Older versions of Linux compiler   
       . running "configure --enable-secure-comm"
       . a few // comments were removed as needed for some compilers
       . some changes were made to avoid some needless errors from gmake

10) Misc bug fixes - Segmentation fault in SgetR; parallel "Sput -a"

11) A bug in the ticket-based access for accesing files using a collection ticket with recursion has been removed. The bug caused an error when accessing files in lower levels of the collections. One can now access files at any level using such a ticket using MySRB or Scommands.

12) Some bugs in Squery and SmodE have been removed which were causing some of the options to fail.

13) Extensible Metadata Ingestion, Deletion, Modify and Query Functionalities have been added to MySRB.

14) A problem when linking with GSI 3.2.1 has been fixed; it now properly locates the callout library to avoid some missing externals (bug 84).

15) A workaround has been developed for a intermittent bulk load problem for the MAC OSX OS. We were seeing an occasional buffer corruption problem when running bulk upload using multiple threads. This problem is only seen using the MAC OSX OS when multiple threads were used. The multi-threads mode has now been switched off for the MAC OS as a workaround which would result in a somewhat slower but not significantly slower bulk load operation. (bug 72)

16) Java Admin Tool (mcatAdmin.jar):

  a) deleteUser has been fixed; it now removes various user
     directories (if empty) before attempting to remove user.
  b) the connect host is now displayed in the title bar and the
     program exits when the X box is clicked (these provided by Nigel
     Sim; thanks!)

17) Many extensions were made to the script: more tests, more configurations, and more platforms. This is used internally, in various tests, during development and before each release and has helped us find and correct a number of bugs.

18) has been updated with many additional checks and features to eliminate problems in various platform environments.

The following Bugzilla bugs/features have been resolved since the previous release. Some of these are described above. See bugzilla for more information: ID State Result Summary 58 RESO INVA a problem with the function srbFile.copyTo 64 RESO FIXE Sput -b stops after 1001 file transfer 71 RESO WONT --enable-openssl-location configure option doesn't work 74 RESO FIXE html man pages have bad html links to other Sman pages 82 RESO FIXE SRB_SECURE_COMM fails to build in 3.3 release 84 RESO FIXE Missing library references when using GT 3.2.1 GSI 87 RESO FIXE test failure on login-linux (malloc/free) 90 RESO FIXE Sput of File larger than 2 gb gets bogus error return 92 RESO FIXE Broken link in web documentation 93 RESO FIXE Broken links to installation scripts 94 RESO FIXE The deleteValue and changeValue utilities require the string "Yes" for confirmation 97 RESO FIXE Java Admin cannot delete users 100 RESO FIXE isUserSysAdmin call returns wrong answer in some cases 104 RESO FIXE Sphymove -bc fails on AIX 107 RESO FIXE Sufmeta -R -c option returns COLECTION_NOT_IN_CAT 111 RESO FIXE After a while, SRBServers fail trying to open mcatHost