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SRB 3.0

This document describes changes for SRB 3.0, released on October 1, 2003.

This the initial release of our latest major new version, SRB 3.0, the Federated MCAT, also known as the zoneSRB.

This is a BETA release. We recommend that you install it in a test environment, as a way to get familiar with zone SRB capabilities and operations, and to test the Zone functionality.

We recommend that you do not upgrade existing production MCATs to 3.0 at this time, but rather hold off for a few weeks, for a subsequent release.

The primary descriptions of the Federated MCAT system are:

readme.dir/README.zones, which is also on-line at Zones. This includes a quick summary of using the Scommands with the SRB zone implementation, a primer of the SRB zone implementation (in a FAQ format), and a section on Zone administration.

readme.dir/FedMcat.html which is also online at Fed MCAT This is brief paper, describing the models of operation, design goals, and architecture.

There are also some updates in a few of the other readme files, and a few new man pages.

For instructions on how to build, install, and administer this version of the SRB, see the README.zones document, section 3 in particular.

Addtional Features:

In addition to the major features of SRB Zones, this release also includes the following.

A number of bugs have been fixed and small improvements made. One set of fixes involved problems in the way that many Scommands were checking the user's response after prompting (for example, "rm collection %s (y/n)?"; yes responses were not being recognized.

A new utility, Sufmeta (user friendly metadata) is included which provides a more straight-forward interface to metadata. See the man page and help text for more information.

The script now optionally creates local and remote Zones. It has also been ported to Solaris, so it now does a full postgres MCAT installation on either Solaris, Linux, or Mac OS X.

This release includes the 3.0 core system (client Scommands, server, and MCAT software) but does not include Matrix, Jargon, MySrb, or inQ. We plan to release versions of those that will support 3.0 within a few weeks.

As always, also see our home page at <a href=> href=</a> for additional information.

Also see Release Notes 2 1 2 for release notes of the previous version.