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SRB 2.1.2

This document describes changes for SRB 2.1.2, released on August 12, 2003. This is an intermediate release containing mostly bug fixes.

Although it has only been about a month since our previous release (2.1.1, July 14), we wanted to distribute this now in preparation for our SRB 3.0 release in a few weeks. The 3.0 release will contain many changes to support the Federated MCAT/SRB "Zones" capabilities. (We were going to call this SRB 2.2, but changed to 3.0 since it will contain significant new features.)

This current release also contains SRB Matrix 1.1.2 (matching SRB 2.1.2, one major version number different) as described later in this document.

Very briefly, the more significant bug fixes are:

 Fixed the configure script to remove the inaccurate portions of
 the --help output.
 Sbload parsing improved to handle command-line wildcards that expand
 to very large numbers of files.
 Sbunload parsing improved to handle blanks in file names.
 For parallel Sget -f, files will always be correct size (it will
 truncate the local file first, if it already exists, in case the
 replacement is smaller).
 Schmod fixed to handle a large (>300) number of subcollections in
 a collection (avoid a core dump).
 Fixed a problem where a parallel transfer would 
 occasionally fail with a INP_ERR_DESC error (added a lock).
 Fixed a problem where the srbMaster would occasionally hang on a
 pipe read from the srbServer causing everything to hang.
 Fix a problem where files stored to a postgres MCAT with the string
 'offset' as part of the filename, would fail.
 Configure now checks for another type of Globus installation, gcc32dbg,
 for sites using a debug build of GSI (five installation types are now
 checked for).

Also see our bugs page at: for current bugs as well as links to lists of fixed bugs.

New features:

 The system now supports access to HPSS from Linux SRB servers.  This
 is the DCEless HPSS driver.
 There is a new Sufmeta command, for User Friendly Meta data management.
 'Sufmeta' provides usage information (there is not yet a man page).

As always, also see our home page at for additional information. Also see Release Notes 2 1 1 for the previous, 2.1.1, release notes.

Matrix New Features: (version 1.1.2) 08:26, 22 February 2006 (PST)08:26, 22 February 2006 (PST)08:26, 22 February 2006 (PST)08:26, 22 February 2006 (PST) 1) Java Matrix Client API: A java client API has been added. The java API and the java docs can be built using the Ant script provided with the matrix release. This API allows Java developers to develop data grid applications and XML Web services without any prior knowledge of web services or XML Schema. The API prepares the SOAP message as an XML document oriented web services. The SRB operations could be invoked using this API. Refer the Client-Readme.html file in the matrix/docs directory.

2) Multiple Flow support: Matrix uses "Data Grid Language (DGL)" to support execution of operations on a data grid. This could be considered analogous to long run transactions using the "Structured Query Language" (SQL) on a database.

SQL:data base ::=:: DGL: data grid

In DGL, a data grid transaction request consists of multiple flows. Each flow could be either parallel or sequential and can have multiple steps (operations). The current release supports multiple flows which could be either sequential or parallel.

3) Tomcat / Any servlet container The previous version required downloading JWSDP. The current version can be used on any servlet container like Apache Tomcat or JBoss, etc.,. We have tested only on Apache Tomcat (Catalina).

Matrix Bugs Cleared: 08:26, 22 February 2006 (PST)08:26, 22 February 2006 (PST)08:26, 22 February 2006 (PST)Wayne 08:26, 22 February 2006 (PST) 1) Schema Changes in schema to facilitate user-defined meta data schema (out side MCAT). Even though the Matrix design had this as a requirement, the schema did not reflect it earlier.

2) Connection Bug Previously there was bug that made an unnecessary Datagrid request the first time a connection was made. This has been removed.

Matrix Next release: 08:26, 22 February 2006 (PST)08:26, 22 February 2006 (PST)08:26, 22 February 2006 (PST)08:26, 22 February 2006 (PST) We are growing fast and trying to make our selves as first in "datagrid services". We also helping other institutions with our ideas do develop similar infrastructure. The next release of Matrix will be version 2.0 along with SRB 3.0 (Matrix versions are 1.0 behind SRB). It will have facilities to: - An Overview of Matrix Architecture and features - Query SRB MCAT using a subset of W3C XQuery - OGSA preliminary release (Matrix Factory) - JSP reference implementation for developers (Web Interface) - Improved logging control - Sample Web Interface for demo-ing the use of "Data Grid Language" in data grids and scientific pipeline processing.