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SRB 2.1.1

This document describes the new features of SRB 2.1.1, released on July 14, 2003. This is an intermediate release containing mostly bug fixes and minor new features. For additional information, see the SRB home page at Also see ReleaseNotes2.1 for more information on the SRB 2.1.0 (released 6/5/2003).

The other planned features listed on our future plans page at

A few bugs have been fixed, the more significant of which are described on our bugs page at:

SRB New features:

1) A new install script,, for doing full MCAT installations on Linux or Mac OS X. It performs all the steps required to do a full (but basic) Postgres MCAT-enabled SRB installation, starting with the distribution files (for example, postgresql-7.3.3.tar, psqlodbc-07.03.0100.tar, and SRB2.1.0rel_pgp.tar) and ending with the user ready to set the path and Sinit and Sput. It configures and builds Postgres, Postgres-ODBC, and SRB, initializes the database, ingests the MCAT tables, tests the database, updates configuration files, starts the Postgres and SRB servers, creates an SRB resource (to provide access to local disk space), and configures access for the current user; the manual steps described in README.MCAT.INSTALL. See MCAT/ for more information.

2) Support for the latest version of Postgres (7.3.3) and it's separate ODBC distribution. README.MCAT.INSTALL has been updated and includes the needed steps.

3) Support for Mac OS X builds. README.MCAT.INSTALL has been updated and includes the needed steps.

4) True64 Alpha port of SRB client.

5) Mod from Jason Holland of UH to stop echoing when the passwd is typed in.

6) Add env variable mdasAuthFile to the readMdasAuth file so that the runsrb script can point the .MdasAuth file to somewhere besides ~/.srb/.MdasEnv.

7) New Scommand srbparget to get partial file from a named remote resource. Useful for scatter in cluster system

8) New Scommand Sufmeta - user-friendly meta access command. lets users to ingest and query attribute-value type of metadata easily.

9) -v option for Sbregister to output what has been registered.

10) Add ADS (Atlas Store) mass storage system as one of the file system type supported by the SRB.

Jargon new features:

1) Alpha version of the metadata querying.

SRB Bug fixes:

1) A bug submitted by Jason Holland of UH that Sbload exited with error -3220 (NO_ACCS_TO_USER_IN_COLLECTION) when uploading certain set of data.

2) Sbload occasionally failed with a INP_ERR_FILENAME error.

3) A memory leak problem when doing a Sbload without using a contaier. Showed up as a -1314, UNIX_EFAULT: UNIX error. Bad address.

4) SRB server cannot handle GSI authentication for a user with multiple Distinguished Names.

5) Fixed Scd to accept directory path ended with '/'. e.g., /a/b/c/

6) Fix a parsing error when the -f option is used and the code exit without error although the registration failed.

7) More efficient way to do _svrDataCopy with the PARA_OPR switch off.

8) The srbMaster occasionally hangs when doing a pipe read. Set a 5 second timeout for the read.

9) Fixed a heap overflow problem under Mac OS X.

Jargon bug fixes:

1) copyFromLocal(...), runs out of memory for very large files when files are copied in serial.

2) Parallel copies would sometimes hang when using method copyFromLocal( LocalFile, boolean )

3) Fixed the listFiles method which was not listing the first two files of a collection.