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SRB PING: pingall -- pingallloop

pingall provides an easy way for checking SRB zone and resource status through the web.

To run the status web page, please run the shell script 'pingallloop' located in utilities/ping.

Th pingallloop script uses the co-located file called 'pingall.conf' as a configuration file. This file consists of one line per zone and has the format (for each line): HOSTNAME PORTNUMBER ZONE RSRC1 RSRC2 ... RSRC[N<20]

One can have as many zones to be pinged configured in this file though we have a limitation of 20 resources per zone. To over come this limitation, one can add additional lines having the same HOSTNAME PORTNUMBER ZONE information. A sample configuration file is provided at pingall.conf.

If resource or zone names have blanks in them please enclose them with single quotes.

The script uses the executable 'pingall' located in utilities/admin-bin which is built out of utilities/ping/pingall.c.

BEFORE running the pingallloop script, please modify the variable


used in this file to point to the location where you want the status page to be moved.

The script pingallloop is configured to sleep for 1 hour between pings. Please change this, if necessary, to a desirable number. We recommend that pinging be done at healthy intervals to keep down the system load.