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is a Web-based Browser and Query Tool for Storage Resource Broker.

What is MySRB?

MySRB is a web-based browse and search interface to the Storage Resource Broker (SRB) developed at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). The SRB facilitates information sharing by allowing users (1) to access files stored on heterogeneous resources including disks, tapes and databases on different machines through logically organized catalogs; and (2) to manage and share data collections in a secure manner.

Who can use MySRB?

Anyone who has an SRB account can use MySRB as a web-client to connect to any SRB system.

Can I use MySRB from anywhere?

Yes. Once you are a registered user of SRB, you can access it from anywhere via web browsers.

What about security?

MySRB uses secure-http (https) protocol using 128-bit RSA authentication. As an extra degree of protection, your browser receives a unique session key when you login; once its time limit (default 60 minutes) expires, you must login again in order to continue.

Can I use MySRB for our SRB system?

Yes. The SRB Administrator needs to run MySRB under a web server (as a cgi-script) and customize it to talk to their local SRB environment.

Where can I download MySRB?

The MySRB cgi package can be downloaded here.