From SRB performs all the steps required to do a basic full Postgres MCAT-enabled SRB installation, starting with the distribution files, on Linux, Solaris, AIX, or Mac OS X. It configures and builds Postgres, Postgres-ODBC, and SRB, initializes the database, ingests the MCAT tables, updates configuration files, brings up the system, provides access to local disk space as an SRB resource, and configures the current user with access. See the beginning of the script for documentation; you will need to set a few parameters by editing the script (or an install.config file). Download via Also see Server Download.

As noted in the script, the recommended version of ODBC is 07.03.0200. Newer versions of ODBC are NOT supported. Newer versions of PostgresQL do seem to work fine and do so with ODBC 07.03.0200.