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The SRB software can be provided to educational and U.S. government agencies as per the copyright. Others are encouraged to contact the UCSD Technology Transfer office and/or our commercial partner, General Atomics. See Is_SRB_Open_Source for the copyright notice and more information. Unfortunately, individual graduate students do not qualify.

If you do not qualify under the copyright limitations, we encourage you to consider using our new iRODS product, which is open source (BSD) and is freely available. iRODS is already highly capable, provides much of the same functionality as SRB, and we are investing substantial effort in developing it further. It is, in a sense, our "next generation" SRB, with fundamental improvements based on a Rule Engine core. See

For SRB, you must first fill out the SRB Software Request form. If you meet the requirement of the copyright, we will then contact you with the decryption pass phase (via phone) to provide the software to you for free. Additional information about the current server release can be found at Release_Notes.


  • InQ Windows Browser and Query Tool
  • Jargon Java API
  • Kepler Scientific Workflow System
  • Matrix Web Service for Long Run Data Flows
  • MySRB Web-based Browser and Query Tool
  • Scommands Unix/DOS Interface

Admin Tool

Contributed Software