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So there isn't overlap of two different people creating the same page with a slightly different name, it seems wise to do a search for a topic before you create a new page.

Pages that need updating, and possible best fit updaters

   * FAQ, Everyone
   * User Environment
   * Administration, Roman
   * Installation, Wayne (include uk word doc)
   * SRB 2.0.0 Overview, Mike
   * Publications and Presentations
   * Tutorials
   * Zones
   * Reference Guide
   * Advanced Topics 

MCAT - Raja

These pages need to be added to the wiki

All Links from the SRB home page have been added

See history for more info.

List from readme.dir:

Appropriate names need to be choosen. Ones without "readme", "documentation", or "SRB" in the title, if it can be helped.

  • README.zones Was already added, but I think it should have a different name. - Lucas I agree, changed to Zones. - Wayne -
  • README.DAI Changed to DAI. Need refresh from Database Access Interface?
  • README.RPM.INSTALL Removed from CVS as it just notes different file in another dir, not needed in wiki.
  • README.srbMon Moved in cvs tree to admin/srbMon for now, don't know if needed in wiki.
  • web/ Added SRB.htm but needs major revision and replacement with links to other sections.

Scommand Manpages

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