Data Encryption Compression

From SRB

Data Encryption and/or Compression was a new feature of SRB 2.1.

To build with the data encryption system, you need to include --enable-secure-comm on the configure line.

You also need to supply the locations of the OpenSSL libraries, which can be via Globus or OpenSSL:

If you've installed Globus (via NMI, for example), the SRB configure/build system can use the libraries under the GLOBUS_LOCATION. If the configure default GLOBUS_LOCATION is correct for your system, all you need is the --enable-secure-comm. Otherwise, you can specify the globus location via --enable-globus-location=path.

If you haven't installed Globus, you can use OpenSSL directly. OpenSSL ( is an excellent package and is fairly easy to build and install. Then, on the configure line, include --enable-openssl-location=path.

You may need to update and for the location of OpenSSL on your system. This is near the top of each script.

See Secure Compressed Data for a description of the system.

The user utilities for this system are perl scripts, utilities/bin/ and utilities/bin/ The command lines are described on the above Secure Compressed Data page and via the scripts' usage text.