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This file lists and categorizes the SRB client API. For full documentation and related articles, read the web page at In addition, comments and prototyping of the client API given in the clStubExtern.h and clConnectExtern.h files may be useful.

Some simple exampless of using these API can be found in the test/examples directory.


1) Client/server connection API :

srbConnect - Establishes a connection to a SRB server

tiUserConnect - Establishes a connection to a SRB server by a TICKET USER. Normal authentication will be bypassed for a TICKET USER.

clFinish - Close the current connection and free the srbConn data structure.

clErrorMessage - Returns the ErrorMessage of a connection. This is the error message returned by the SRB server from the current client call.

2) Low Level Extended File API :

srbFileOpen - Opens an extended file

srbFileCreate - Create an extended file.

srbFileUnlink - Unlink an extended file

srbFileClose - close an extended file

srbFileRead - Read a a block of data from a extended file into buffer.

srbFileWrite - Write content of a buffer to a extended file.

srbFileSeek - Change the current read or write location on an extended file.

srbFileSync - Sync an extended file

srbFileStat - Stat an extended file

srbFileFstat - Fstat an extended file

srbFileChksum - checksum an extended file

srbFileMkdir - create a new directory

srbFileChmod - Change the mode of a file or directory.

srbFileRmdir - Remove a directory.

srbFileStage - Stage an extended file (for samFS only)

srbOpendir - Opens a directory

srbClosedir - close an opened directory

srbReaddir - Stat a directory entry

srbSetStorAttri - Set Attributes for a Storage System; establish connection. Only used by FTP file type,

srbFileLockRange - set or check a lock on a region of an extended file (if the physical file is on a Unix/Linux disk resource).

srbGetFsFreeSpace - get the FS free space in bytes of the FS

srbFileLockRange - Lock a block of data in a file.

3) Lower level DB Large Object API :

srbDbLobjOpen - Open a DB Large Object.

srbDbLobjCreate Create a DB Large Object.

srbDbLobjClose - close a DB Large Object.

srbDbLobjRead - Read a block of data from a DB large object into buffer.

srbDbLobjWrite - Write content of a buffer to a DB large object.

srbDbLobjSeek - Change the current read or write location of a DB large object.

srbDbLobjUnlink - Unlink a DB large object.

4) Lower level DB Table Object API :

srbDbTableOpen - Open a DB Table Object.

srbDbTableCreate - Create a DB Table Object.

srbDbTableClose - Close a DB Table Object.

srbDbTableRead - Read a block of data from a DB Table Object.

srbDbTableWrite - Write a block of data to a DB Table Object.

srbDbTableSeek - Change the current read or write location of a DB Table Object.

srbDbTableUnlink - Unlink a DB table object.

5) High Level Object API :

srbObjOpen - Open a SRB data object.

srbObjOpenWithTicket - Open a SRB data object using a ticket.

srbObjCreate - Create a SRB data object.

srbObjClose - Close an opened object

srbObjUnlink - Unlink an SRB object

srbObjRead - Read a a block of data from a SRB object into buffer.

srbObjWrite - Write content of buffer to a SRB object.

srbObjSeek - Change the current read or write location on an SRB object.

srbObjSync - Sync an opened SRB object.

srbObjLockRange - Lock a block of data

srbObjStat - Stat an SRB object.

srbObjStat64 - Stat an SRB object and put results in a stat64 struct.

srbObjGetdents - The SRB equivalent of the UNIX getdents call.

srbObjGetdents64 - The SRB equivalent of the UNIX getdents64 call.

srbObjProxyOpr - Proxy Operation request.

srbExecFunction - Proxy Operation that exec a function.

srbObjReplicate - Make a copy of an SRB object

srbObjMove - Move a copy of an SRB object to a new location

srbCreateCollect - Create a SRB collection

srbListCollect - List a SRB collection

srbModifyCollect - Modify a SRB collection

srbIssueTicket - Issue a ticket.

srbRemoveTicket - Cancel a ticket.

srbRemoveTicketWithZone - Cancel a ticket.

srbContainerCreate - Create a container

srbGetContainerInfo - Get Info on a SRB container

srbRmContainer - remove a container

srbSyncContainer - Sync a container.

srbReplContainer - Replicate a container.

srbObjGet - export a file from SRB to local file system using parallel I/O.

srbObjGetC - The client initiated version of srbObjGet.

srbObjPut - import a file from local file system to SRB using parallel I/O.

srbObjPutC - The client initiated version of srbObjPut.

srbObjCopy - Copy a dataset using third party transfer.

srbSyncData - synchronize all copies (replica) of an SRB object with the most recently modified version.

srbObjLockRange - set or check a lock on a region of an SRB object (if the physical file is on a Unix/Linux disk resource).

srbBulkLoad - Bulk load a set of data

srbBulkUnload - Bulk unload of non-container files in a collection recursively.

srbObjChksum - Checksum a SRB data file.

srbObjFStage - Stage a SRB object. Only applicable to samfs resource.

6) API that interact with MCAT:

srbGetDatasetInfo - Get Info on a SRB data object.

srbGetDataDirInfo - Get metadata info by querying the MCAT catalog.

srbGenQuery - This is a more compact form of srbGetDataDirInfo.

srbRegisterDataset - Register a SRB data object.

srbUnregisterDataset - Unregister a SRB data object.

srbSetAuditTrail - Setting and Unsetting Audit Trail.

srbModifyDataset - Modify a SRB dataset

srbChkMdasAuth - Authenticate a userName/passwd.

srbChkMdasSysAuth - Authenticate a userName/passwd for sys admin access.

srbRegisterUserGrp - Register a user group

srbRegisterUser - Register a user.

srbModifyUser - Modify a user info.

srbGetPrivUsers - Read the privileged users list.

srbGetMoreRows - Get more rows of result from a srbGetDatasetInfo, srbGetDataDirInfo, srbListCollect or srbGetPrivUsers calls.

srbGenGetMoreRows -This is a more compact form of srbGetMoreRows.

freeSqlResult - Free any memory associated with a SQL result struct including the SQL result struct itself.

clearSqlResult - Clear the memory associated with a SQL result struct, but the SQL result struct is not freed.

printSqlResult - Print the content of a SQL result struct.

srbBulkRegister - enable registration of several hundred files with one call.

srbRegisterLocation - Register/create a new location.

srbIngestToken - Ingest/create a new Token of type ResourceType, DataType, UserType, Domain, or Action.

srbRegisterResource - Register/create a new resource (physical or compound).

srbRegisterLogicalResource - Register/create a new logical resource.

srbRegisterReplicateResourceInfo - Add another physical resource to a logical or compound resource.

srbDeleteValue - Delete/remove a value of type location, user, or resource (other types are implemented but untested).

srbSetupSessionPublicKey - Get the MCAT-enabled server's public key in preparation for transferring encryptioned information.

srbSetupSession - set up a session (for encryption) with the MCAT-enabled server.

srb_error() - emits an SRB error message corresponding to the input error number.

srbModifyZone - Modify and Insert SRB zone and zone information in the MCAT.

srbBulkQueryAnswer - Get answers for canned queries from MCAT.

srbBulkMcatIngest - Bulk ingestion of a set of metadata in to the SRB-MCAT system.

srbGetMcatZone - Get the mcatName of this user.

srbModifyUserNonPriv - Modify and Insert SRB user information in the Metadata Catalog.

srbModifyResource - Modify and Insert SRB resource information in the Metadata Catalog.

7) APIs that deal with compound objects:

srbRegInternalCompObj - register an internal compound object.

srbRmIntCompObj - unregister an internal compound objects.

srbModInternalCompObj - Modify the metadata of an internal comp object.

srbRmCompObj - unregister a compound object.

8) APIs that deals with tape and cache management:

srbTapelibMntCart - Request the Tape Library server to mount a tape.

srbTapelibDismntCart Request the Tape Library server to dismount a tape.

srbGetTapeCartPri - Get the priorities for each tape type depending on the availability of tape drives.

srbDumpFileList - Dump a list of files to tape.

srbStageCompObj - Stage a compound Object from tape to cache

9) Miscellaneous SRB API:

srbVaultInfo - Get Info on the SRB storage vault.

srbFreeVaultInfo - Free memory taken by the vaultQueElement link list.

srbPrintVaultInfo - Print out the VaultInfo link list.

srbHostConfig - Get the storage vault information on a SRB host.

srbPrintHostInfo - Print the VaultInfo link list.

srbFreeHostInfo - Free memory taken by the clHostElement link list.