Advanced Topics

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A lot of these are files from the readme.dir area of the releases. For now, I am just inserting them into the wiki system and adding a link to them here. Hopefully, over time, we will update them, organize them better, and add more links.

Advanced Scommands



Database Access Interface

Extensible Schema

Grid Security Infrastructure

GridHTTPD An Embedded HTTP Server for SRB


Handling Non-Alpha-Numeric Characters

Hot To Add SRB Functions (for SRB developers)

How To Add A Driver (for SRB developers)

How To Make A Release (for the SRB team)

How To Use The Client Library

Install DB2

Install Laptop

MCAT Attributes

MSS Driver

Mass Store (how SRB can be used as a Mass Storage system)

Master Slave MCAT


Porting MCAT (for SRB developers, notes on supporting new DB as MCAT or via DAI)


Resource Monitor

SRB Browser

T Language

Transparency (preload feature to use Unix commands to access SRB on some systems)