SRB Workshop, February 2-3, 2006, Talks

The following are the powerpoint slides from the various talks. Also see the Workshop proceedings for the full papers, audio/video recordings, and perhaps the the agenda.
Title and link to slidesSpeakerSession
Managing NOAO Distributed Archive using SRB (ppt) Irene Barg (National Optical Astronomy Observatory) Papers One
Purdue Multidisciplinary Data Management Framework Using SRB (ppt) Lan Zhao (Purdue University) Papers One
Globally federated SRB zones (ppt) Yoshimi Iida (KEK Computing Research Center) Papers One
SRB Data Grid and Compute Grid Integration via the EnginFrame Grid Portal (ppt) Paolo Maggi (DAUIN, Politecnico di Torino) Papers One
The Storage Resource Broker and e-Science in the UK (ppt) Adil Hasan (CCLRC Rutherford Laboratory) Papers One
Storage Resource Broker Actors and Applications in Kepler (ppt) Nandita Mangal (San Diego Supercomputer Center) Papers Two
Integration of HDF5 and SRB for Object-level Data Access (ppt) Peter X. Cao (University of Illinois, Urbana) Papers Two
SRB Interfaces to the Antelope Environmental Monitoring System: The Antelope ORBserver, Datascope Database System, and Deployable ROADnet Point-Of-Presence (ppt) Kent G. Lindquist (Lindquist Consulting, Inc.) Papers Two
Data Grid Services Based on SRB for National Digital Archives Program in Taiwan (ppt) Wei-Long Ueng, (Grid Computing Centre, Academia Sinica, Taiwan) Papers Two
Future Plans/Collaborations (ppt) [The live talk had one extra slide with some rule examples] Arcot Rajasekar (Raja) (San Diego Supercomputer Center) Talk (no paper)
SRB Image Archive with Cropping and Scaling for Environmental Niche Modeling (ppt) David Stockwell (University of California, San Diego) Papers Three
VOSpace and VOStore Design (ppt) Reagan W. Moore (San Diego Supercomputer Center) Papers Three
Near-real-time Backup of Large Seismic Waveform Datasets with Storage Resource Broker (ppt) Kent G. Lindquist (Lindquist Consulting, Inc.) Papers Three
Some Tools for Supporting SRB Production Services (ppt) Adil Hasan (CCLRC-Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) Papers Three
Demonstration Prototype for the Preservation of Large-Scale Multimedia Collections (ppt) Reagan W. Moore (San Diego Supercomputer Center) Papers Three
How to use Metadata in SRB (ppt) Arcot Rajasekar (Raja) Advanced Tutorials
Data Movement (ppt) Mike Wan Advanced Tutorials
Jargon and the Java API (ppt) Lucas Gilbert Advanced Tutorials
Federation and Master/Slave (ppt) Mike Wan Advanced Tutorials
A Review of SRB Gridbrick Administration (ppt) Geoffrey Avila (University of California, San Diego) Papers Four
Performance Optimization of SRB Hardware Configurations (ppt) Peter Ashford (Ashford Computer Consulting Service) Papers Four
SRB Portlet Development for the Grid Portals (ppt) Mary Thomas, (San Diego State University) Papers Four

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