SRB Workshop, February 2-3, 2006, San Diego

The 2006 SDSC SRB Workshop was a forum for SRB user community researchers and practitioners to share their knowledge, experiences, and solutions in utilizing this technology, to gain additional insight into SRB configurations, techniques, and options, and to provide feedback to, and hear of future development plans from, the SRB team. It was held February 2nd and 3rd at SDSC in San Diego. The pre-workshop home page is available here.
Various types of information from the workshop is available:

The workshop proceedings are a PDF file which contains all 17 published papers, very similar to the printed form. Although less convenient to read, this PDF version is in color throughout and the diagrams can be enlarged.

The PowerPoint slides from each of the talks and advanced tutorials are available.

Audio/video recordings on the talks and advanced tutorials are available from As with the web cast and access-grid broadcast, the display includes a view of the slides and another of the speaker. Most of the audio comes though OK, even questions from the audience. These require RealPlayer to view.