SRB Overview Audio/Video Presentation, August, 2005

This is a talk given by Reagan Moore at the SDSC General Staff meeting on August 10, 2005, titled "Storage Resource Broker: Data Grids, Digital Libraries, and Persistent Archives". It provides a good overview of the history and current state of the SRB project.

Reagan's talk begins about 30 minutes into the meeting (you can move the slidebar in the RealPlayer) and lasts about 30 minutes. The sound is somewhat poor the first couple minutes, but you can still hear what is said, and it gets better after that. The slides are all fairly readable.

This is a RealPlayer video. For a Linux Linux RealPlayer (free download), go here.

To play the movie, click here. Occasionally, you may get a connection error from the SDSC RealPlayer Server, but a retry usually succeeds.